November 2018   
Upcoming Events


Men's Fellowship Dinner & Program
6:30 PM
Some months we will have a special activity, be sure to speak with Charile Kirk for details.


Prime Timers - Tulsa Historical Society
11:15 AM
Meet at church at 11:15a Travel to Shiloh's for lunch then on to the Tulsa Historical Society Museum for a tour and then Music in the Mansion afterward.


Bible Search
I, Isaac, Take You, Rebecca

This resource is an audio cassette called I, Isaac, Take You, Rebekah. The cassette features Dr. Ravi Zacharias who speaks about the
incredible story of Isaac and Rebekah. Abraham sent his servant far from the idolatrous women of his territory to find a God-fearing wife for his son. As Dr. Zacharias shares the story, he brings out important points for Christian men and women to consider as they date and marry.

Along with this tape we are providing a discussion sheet. On the flip side of this sheet are passages that parents and their young adult
children can look up that warn against marrying a non-Christian, and urge the Christian to marry a believer.  This is a critical issue for parents to cover with their children. Many marriages end in divorce.  We can prepare our children now so that they do not have to experience such hardship, but enjoy the blessing of marriage as God intended it to be.

The Zacharias cassette and the discussion sheet are available from the church office for $7.00. The cassette alone can be purchased
directly from Focus on the Family, 1-800-A FAMILY. You may borrow a copy from Pastor Cloeter for free.

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