September 2018  
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Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University

Beginning Sunday, September 17th

10:30-12:00 noon


Trinity’s Board of Stewardship is excited to announce that we will be offering Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a nation-wide, popular, 9 week DVD course.  This course helps the Christian be a good steward of the money God has given, and offers practical, down-to-earth ideas on how to get out of debt, save money, buy insurance, plan for college and retirement, make a spending plan, buy and sell a house, and more. 


Each class is 1 ½ hours long.  The main content comes from the speaker, Dave Ramsey.  But at the end of each session there is discussion.  The cost of the course is normally $100.00 for each individual or couple.  But we are offering a 75% discount to individuals and couples who are members of Trinity and who are under 30 years of age; and a 50% discount for those over 30 years of age!  When you take part in the class you will receive an audio version of the class, budget forms, online tools, and a book.


According to the Financial Peace University website, the average debt paid off in the first 90 days after the class is $5,300, and the average amount saved is $2,700.  While you may not experience these results, be sure that you will receive some very good teaching that will help you financially throughout life.


We encourage you to sign up now on the bulletin board in the hallway outside the kitchen.  As soon as you do (as an individual or as a couple), please make out a check to Trinity Lutheran Church ($25 for individuals or couples under 30; $50 for individuals and couples over 30).  If at all possible, please sign up and bring your check before September 1st.  This will enable us to order the materials so you will have them by the start of the class.


We are super excited to offer this course.  The course is open to non-members; so make sure you invite your neighbors and friends.  These will, of course, need to pay the full price of the course.  For more information, please speak to Pastor Cloeter.

Financial Peace University

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is an FPU Membership?

A membership means you can attend the FPU class as often as you like.  Spouses and engaged couples can attend together with a single membership, and teens living at home are welcome to attend with their parents.  Memberships include class materials and access to all online resources.


2.    What do I do with my activation code?

Your FPU activation code unlocks the online tools and resources that will crank your experience up a notch.  Your unique activation code is located inside the welcome packet of your FPU membership.  Enter that code when you sign in to FPU Central.



Financial Peace University




 Lesson 1

Super Saving

Dave explains the seven Baby Steps that will guide you throughout Financial Peace University.

Lesson 2

Relating with Money

Learn why it's important for spouses to communicate and work together toward success.

Lesson 3

Cash Flow Planning

Learning how to take control of your money starts with a budget.

Lesson 4

Dumping Debt

It's time to debunk some common debt myths! Dave gives you a plan to walk out of debt with confidence.

Lesson 5

Buyer Beware

Dave draws on decades of experience to reveal the power and influence that marketing has on your everyday buying decisions.

Lesson 6

The Role of Insurance

In this lesson, Dave walks you through the world of insurance, carefully explaining what you need—and what you need to avoid.

Lesson 7

Retirement and College Planning

Dave walks you through the maze of retirement options and helps you figure out your best retirement plan.

Lesson 8

Real Estate and Mortgages

Dave draws on more than 20 years of real estate experience to teach you the ins and outs of mortgages and how to win when buying or selling your home.

Lesson 9

The Great Misunderstanding

Learn how generous giving can completely revolutionize your attitude and improve your finances, business and relationships.


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