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We've all heard the newscasters and international politicians comment on what they think the Koran implies. But what does it really say? Taking you inside Islam's holy book, former missionary Don Richardson gives you a hard-hitting look at the doctrines and dogmas of the Muslim religion, including Muslim defenses of the Koran, fundamentalist strategies for world domination, and more. 144 pages, softcover from Regal.
Chapter titles are:
§         A Book of Peace?
§         The Wolf in the Fold
§         Violent Verses, Violent Deeds
§         Critiquing the Koran
§         Polygamy and Islam’s Prophet
§         How Muslims Try to Defend the Koran
§         Non-Muslim Attempts to Defend the Koran
§         Old Testament Morals and the Koran
§         New Testament Morals and the Koran
§         A Warring Prophets’s Supremacist Legacy
§         Islam’s Plan for World Domination
§         Islam’s Penetration of Western Culture
§         A Twenty-First Century Plague of Locusts
§         Europe: An Auto-Genociding Continent
§         Louis Farrakhan, Islam and Slavery
§         Reviewing Militant Islam Reaches America
§         What Should We Do?
You may order this book online through Christianbook.com, or call them at 1-800-CHRISTIAN.
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