April 2019   
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Exploring God’s Word – Old Testament, a women’s study course—

Exploring God’s Word – Old Testament, a women’s study course—

The Old Testament is a big book.  In reality, it is a collection of 39 separate books!  It covers a time period of over 1,000 years.  But there is a golden thread running throughout those books, God’s promise to send His Son into this world of sinners, to rescue, forgive, restore and use them for His glory.   Maybe you have studied parts of the Old Testament.  Now is your chance to get the “birds eye view” of it.  This class takes a gallop through its history, visits its main locations and observes its most important events, from creation to the fall, from slavery to the exodus, from judges to kings, to spiritual decay leading to exile, to a return to the land and the wait for the Redeemer.  Join us.  This class will be taught by Lori Pearson in the new year, and will meet in Lydia’s Craft Room.


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