April 2019   
Bible Search

How Can They Teach That?

Today a number of challenging subjects confront the Christian.  What makes these subjects difficult is that churches are divided in their beliefs and teachings concerning these subjects.  The real question, then, is: What does the Bible teach us?  Or, what does God say?  Let’s look together at these challenging subjects and seek God’s wisdom together.  Here are the topics to be discussd:  

§  A “New” Way of Looking at Scripture

§  How Can They Teach That About Creation?

§  How Can They Teach That About Women Serving in the Public Ministry?

§  How Can They Teach That About Homosexuality?

§  How Can They Teach That About Abortion and Early Life Issues?

§  How Can We Remain Faithful to Scripture?

This class will be taught by Rick Page in Jerusalem, Room 101.


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