April 2019   
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A twelve session course on the Christian worldview, beginning Sunday, June 12th at 10:30a.  The Truth Project shows the war of ideas and beliefs that are competing in our culture.  Dr. Del Tackett, a highly regarded speaker, begins with the basics, Is there Truth?  Who Is God and Who Is Man?  He discusses science, history, government, labor and many other topics.

This DVD course is well worth your time.  it is an excellent study for adults and young adults!  The lesson titles are:

  • Lesson 1 Veritology:  What Is Truth?
  • Lesson 2 Philosophy & Ethics:  Says Who?
  • Lesson 3 Anthropology:  Who Is Man?
  • Lesson 4 Theology:  Who Is God?
  • Lesson 5 Science:  What Is True? (2 parts)
  • Lesson 6 History:  Whose Story?
  • Lesson 7 Sociology:  The Divine Imprint
  • Lesson 8 Unio Mystica:  Am I Alone?
  • Lesson 9 The State:  Whose Law?
  • Lesson 10 The American Experiment
  • Lesson 11 Labor:  Created to Create
  • Lesson 12 Community & Involvement: God Cares.  Do I?

This class will be led by Pastor Cloeter in Nain, Room 118.

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