Vision Statement


We desire to develop youth with a deep seated faith in Jesus Christ, having a sound knowledge of God’s Word, equipped to defend their faith, and ready to share the Gospel of Christ with the world.


Mission Statement


Youth Ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church exists to plant, grow, and nurture faith in the Lord within the youth of our congregation and community, beginning with small children and extending into the young adult years.  Our goal is to expose youth continually to the Word of God and the application of that Word to daily life.  Only in this way will our youth grow spiritually.  The agents of such teaching and growth are, first of all, the parents to whom God has given the responsibility of teaching.  The church with its pastor and other teachers exists to reinforce and support the teaching that is happening at home.  Furthermore, Youth Ministry is not about adults doing things for the youth.  The youth are servants of God also and can do works that are pleasing to God.  Therefore we say that our ministry if for and with youth.


Scriptural Foundations


Genesis chapter 1 tells us that Adam and Eve were made in the image of God and were originally without sin.  Genesis chapter 3 communicates, tragically, how God’s first two humans fell into sin, producing a domino effect going from one generation to the next, so that sin has infected us all to this very day.  The greatest consequence of this Fall and sin is alienation from God.  But the Good News is that forgiveness and eternal life is offered to all people in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:23).


Redemption and transformation are possible only through Christ’s work on the cross.  Having forgiveness and eternal life in Jesus Christ, our young Christians will desire to grow in a relationship to Him.  The Scriptures use the concept of “growth,” as it relates to people, to describe physical maturation (Luke 2:40), increase in knowledge of the Lord (2 Peter 3:18), increase in faith (2 Corinthians 10:15), and a change in thinking as one moves from childhood to adulthood (1 Corinthians 13:11).  Christian youth ministry is, therefore, interested in understanding the lives of youth and guiding them by God’s Word in the process of maturation in the Lord. 


Areas of Youth Involvement


To help facilitate growth in the Lord, the Board of Youth Ministry promotes youth involvement in Bible classes, worship, training in witnessing, and Christian service.  The year round program for the young people of the congregation includes activities in the following areas: worship, evangelism, discipleship, ministry, and fellowship. 


Youth Ministry Levels


The individual Living-4-Christ youth groups at Trinity Lutheran Church are organized as follows:

Seniors-4-Christ – Grades 9 to 12             

Juniors-4-Christ – Grades 6 to 8 

Youth-4-Christ – Grades 3 to 5

  May 2021  
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