Our Boards

Our Boards

Ministry Opportunities


“The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,

and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

(Jesus in Matthew 20:28, New International Version


The Constitution and By-Laws of Trinity outline how decisions are to be made and set up boards that lead and encourage the congregation in ministry to its members, the community and the world. Serving on these boards gives members an opportunity to follow the example of Jesus, who lived His life in service to us.


Board of Elders


The Board of Elders is a group of men assigned the task of assisting the Pastor in overseeing the spiritual welfare of the congregation. Accordingly, they assist in worship and administering the sacraments, exercise church discipline, assist in teaching, make monthly member visits, and oversee the membership roles. There is one elder assigned for every 20-30 families, generally by geographic location.


Board of Education


The Board of Education plans ministries which deepen believers in the knowledge of God’s Word and its application to life.  Therefore Board plans our Sunday School and Midweek ministries.  In addition the Board has responsibility for the nursery, Vacation Bible School and the Children’s Christmas Service, as well as any other educational endeavor.  The church librarian is a member of the Board of Education and strives to keep the church library in efficient working order through cataloging and maintaining records of the library’s holdings.



Board of Youth Ministry


Trinity’s Board of Youth Ministry provides activities for elementary and high school youth.  The highest concentration of activities is for our Seniors-4-Christ (9th through 12th grades), followed by our Juniors-4-Christ (6th through 8th grades).  Several activities each year are also provided for our youth for Christ (3rd, 4th and 5th graders).  Planned activities provide spiritual growth, service to the community and the congregation, and fellowship with one another. 


Board of Evangelism


The Board of Evangelism trains and motivates individuals to share in the mission of making disciples of all nations. The board encourages, educates and involves members in the areas of personal witnessing, reaching the non-churched of our community and mission work throughout the world. The board is also responsible for the assimilation of new members into the life of the church.


Board of Parish Fellowship


The goal of the Board of Parish Fellowship is to promote and strengthen spiritual and social fellowship among all members of our church family and guests they bring with them. The Board plans meals for our midweek program (Jesus And Me). The Board also plans fellowship events in the congregation in which people can get to know others and develop friendships. FRIENDS offers opportunities for adult members of the church to meet one another. 


Board of Stewardship


The Board of Stewardship includes a Director, the church Treasurer, the church Financial Secretary and at least one other member. In addition to being responsible for the financial records of the congregation, members of this board assist the Pastor in implementing stewardship education in the congregation, the annual Stewardship campaign, and maintaining current Time and Talent Records indicating members’ desire to give of themselves in service to God and His church.


Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees represent the congregation in all legal matters, ensure that all buildings and property of the congregation are kept in good working order and repair, and make emergency repairs and replacements for equipment. The Board is to review annually the adequacy of all insurance and bonding needs of the congregation, initiating steps necessary to provide adequate coverage. The Trustees set all policies and fees for rental, use of church properties.


Board of Social Ministry


Social Ministry is the demonstration of a Christian attitude towards others by meeting the daily needs of our members, those in our community, and people throughout the world. The Board provides meals for needy members, as well as luncheons before or after funerals.  It also promotes ministries in the community, such as Broken Arrow Neighbors, MEND Pregnancy Center, John 3:16, DaySpring Villa and others.